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“Kieran Powell – Contemporary Ventriloquist”

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About Kieran...

“Real genius in puppet form”, comical singing ventriloquist, Kieran Powell, is a talented young performer from Gloucestershire. Over the past few years he has been busy performing his popular ventriloquism all over the country in his highly imaginative and varied act, which has won him many awards.

He engages audiences with a combination of fast paced comedy, creative interpretation of pop music and a fearless attitude towards audience participation and witty improvisation.His puppets’ vocal skills are exceptional, singing songs from a repertoire which includes big band classics through to recent chart hits, where they occasionally add their own lyrical variation. His hilarious characters amuse the audience with their own interpretation of the songs, connecting the lyrics to their own “lives”.

Kieran also tours the UK with his innovative and acclaimed solo theatre show, ‘Look Who’s Talking’.

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